August 2, 2013

Kind of random, but it has been a while...

 Grocery shopping is a snore, but this might have been a bit extreme.

 With "Andew" at church, Noelle's favorite place to be.

 Spring Break, I know.

 Easter in VA

 My first field trip as a teacher, Hofbrauhaus--terribly cliche, I know

Bring your kid to work day.  Never seen my little brother preach a sermon.

 Flying Pig marathon.  They only ran the kids mile.

 Daisy's ceremony

 My favorite purchase ever--Children's Museum passes.

Camp--she said she's ready to stay more than one night!

March 16, 2013

So I'm not the best blogger...

 Rainy day
 visit with the Comps

 Iva Lee
 Hanging out in Mt. Adams

Our very pink family!

December 14, 2012


Baby shower
This is how these people do labor!?!?
They clearly crack me up!

News of his arrival, via iphone

The newest GWC

November 4, 2012

of late...

Checking out the city from where we got engaged in Mt. Adams.
Good times...
 Exhausted "me".  When asked her name, she says, "I me."

 Watching a movie at church.  
There was obviously a spill directly following this picture.
 German-American day at Fairview Elementary.  
Noelle clearly not wanting to miss out on the photo op.
 Fiona on stage, singing at church.  Kind of a big deal--she is very un-heather-like in that she does not like to be on stage.  She held her friend Cassie's hand the whole time, even though Cassie kept trying to let go. 
 I pass this on the way to work every day.  Fiona came with me one day.
 First day of school.  I love this face!
I love this one, too!  She could not believe I was okay putting sissy on a bus and walking away.  
 Creation museum with the "babies"
 at church
 First day as a high school German teacher!!!  
I couldn't be more proud!!
 Halloween!  No one was trick or treating because it was so rainy and cold, so we went to all our neighbors houses and passed out candy!